A few of the projects from the Total Image years and earlier. Some are one off solutions, others represent many years working with clients to develop their business.

No computers, everything drawn or pasted-up by hand… remember the smell of Cow Gum, Pantone markers, pencil shavings and annoying Letraset. Late nights, listening to John Peel after 11pm and the ‘treat’ of Special Brew to keep us going. The print unions were a pain, we had to join to get work produced, but the industry was slowly changing and our client base started to expand.

1976 - 1986 Rose Studios years

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1986 - 1991 Start of Total Image

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So we had a business and were getting known! We moved to a larger property in 1982 and major renovations followed. An office, studio and darkroom were created and we bought our first computer. It was full-on keeping all the plates spinning: the school run, site visits, DIY and managing contractors etc. Hard work and continuing late nights paid off and by 1991 we were ready for a change…

1991 - 2004

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Inspired by the opportunities new technology offered to work remotely, we moved to the Lake District. Some thought it was commercial suicide. The Gulf War didn’t help, the economy went into recession and we had a house to renovate. Work dried up for three months, then, out of the blue the AEA (Atomic Energy Authority) made contact. They asked if we could help with the conversion and decommissioning of the Windscale power station…. of course, no problem! From then on work with existing and new clients started to flow. More long hours, a holiday cottage to renovate and let and project management of multiple sites. Just before leaving for a winter holiday in 1999, and after a three way pitch, we gained another good client Bells Bakers, a company close to our hearts. We were contemplating a move to France but instead moved locally to a property that provided more studio space.

2004 - 2010

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The local move and property renovation in 2000 was intended to be short-term as we were looking for a house in France. Digital technology, emails and the internet were the norm and we had already proved we could work from anywhere. We invested in new computers, 3D CAD, had a team of reliable contractors to draw on and streamlined our work flow. Then in 2004, after a property search in France, we decided to move to Cornwall, with the opportunity of a ‘Longere’ and barn conversion. Work continued for Bells culminating in a new, purpose designed HQ and facilities; the Input Group invited us to work on rail signage and refurbishment projects and Monumental’s heritage consultancy took off. And the work continued to flow…